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Wanja Ndung'u has also founded I AM MY SISTER WORKSHOP by Wanja & Team
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This is a one day event intended to bring women of all colors, race, ethnicities, spiritual backgrounds (above 18 year old), together to deal, most importantly, with the issues in their tissues.  In this workshop, we get to experience the presence of each and every woman in the workshop by realizing that we are all so different as much as we are the same. - READ MORE
On this day of the Workshop, we have an intense time of fellowship, sharing, loving and caring and a time of allowing the truth to correct the errors in our lives as women. We are the building blocks of the society and therefore when we break, the society breaks as well.  During this workshop, as women we have a chance to liberate ourselves from the wounds of the past and embrace the power of forgiveness by forgiving ourselves, our loved ones and our past. We learn to live in liberty, in love, in freedom, in peace, exploring our strengths and weaknesses.  The power of being my sister is liberating and it lightens the burden that have thrived so long in our tissues.  This workshop also allows us to bring our best expertise to the table and share our creativity with the rest of the sisters, anything ranging from Books, CDs, Craft, Embroidery, Jewellery, etc. 
To him/her that much is given, much is required and for that reason and all intended purposes, my goal is to allow women reach their greatest potentials by being each other's stepping stone. My purpose is to allow women to be clear, to get focused and know the rules of the their game plan in order to achieve the desired results and eventually create some tools to develop their vision.

This event is happening from State to State so check this page for upcoming events by Wanja & Team  in your area so you can save the dates.

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006 upcoming events-sm
P.O. BOX 902
Baldwin Park, CA  91706
Phone:  626-244-9521