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profile pictureI had never considered myself a writer or an author for that matter but as I spoke my testimony over and over again, there was always a suggestion like, "You should write a book."  I would often say, "Maybe i should".  At the same time, I realized that my salivary glands were being overworked by constantly having to tell my story over and over again. So I figured, why not just put it together, that way I don't have to repeat my self constantly.
Finally, at some point, a 10 minute testimony to a friend transformed a life of an addict permanently. All these facts considered, Through the Belly of the Whale was born. 
In this book I share my journey, my experience during the course of the journey, my deliverance, my transformation and restoration.  With this book i discovered the gift that lay within my soul as a writer/author.  Without my experience as an alcoholic, this discovery may never have happened and for that reason, as painful as it was, I appreciate the experience.  With this journey/experience, I did not only discover my life's purpose but that my life's purpose was pre-determined by God  and for that reason, am grateful.  It is a great story of faith whereby through my darkest hours, my faith kept me alive. 
After my experience and through my journey I did not know how I made it through but I discovered that I did not know my own strength.  I discovered that everything that I needed lied within me.  I discovered that through my transparency, I was no longer immobilized and handicapped by my past but was liberated to a future where my truth was correcting the errors in my life.  I am a catalyst for change in my generation, allowing God to use me to demolish the chains that bind people to misery and a life of pain.
My deepest desire is that that this book will be an encouragement, not just in alcoholism but other areas of struggles that we experience in life.  I have dared to leave the past behind and travel through the dimensions of opportunity, purpose and destiny into a brilliant future.

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This Book is a MUST READ for any individual who has battled or is battling with any form of addiction whether with alcohol, nicotine, drugs, sex, or any form of perversion. Its also a powerful tool if you have family members, loved ones or friends who may be battling the issues addressed in this book. Its Real, Raw & Radical! The Author Mary Wanja speaks from her heart and from her real experience. Once you start to read the book, Read More